Khorvaire is the best known and most cosmopolitan continent of Eberron. Although it is the ancestral home of goblins, orcs, gnomes, and halflings, Khorvaire has been dominated by human culture since the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar. Khorvaire’s cultural identity is deeply fractured, however, with many distinct nations, climates, and physical environments spread across a land mass the size of real-world Asia.

The Five Nations
These five nations represent the heart of what was once the Kingdom of Galifar. Each was named for one of Galifar’s five children, and ruled by his descendents until the start of the Last War.
- Aundair
- Breland
- Cyre
- Karrnath
- Thrane

Minor Nations
In addition to the five (now four) primary nations, numerous other states exist in Khorvaire. Many of these nations were once colonies, possessions, or territories of one or more of the five nations, but all are now recognized as sovereign states by the Treaty of Thronehold.
- Darguun
- The Eldeen Reaches
- The Lhazaar Principalities
- The Mror Holds
- The Talenta Plains
- Valenar
- Zilargo

Other Regions
The following regions are neither considered sovereign nations nor realistically claimed by a recognized nation, for various reasons.
- The Demon Wastes
- Droaam
- The Mournland
- Q’Barra
- The Shadow Marches


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