Teneb ir'Soras

PCs' late commander


Son of the famous Brelish hero Tannon ir’Soras, Teneb inherited his father’s lands in eastern Breland before being commissioned as an officer in the Brelish Army. He served as a battlefield commander for some six years before his death on the Day of Mourning.

Teneb was a devout worshipper of the Silver Flame, annointed as a paladin prior to the start of his military career. He endeavored to reconcile the brutality of the Last War with the Flame’s calling to make Eberron a better place.

Lord Teneb was struck down on the Day of Mourning when his unit became mired in the unnatural fog that spread across the nation of Cyre. After the bulk of the company was lost to the unknown horrors of the mists, the remainder stumbled into a small Cyran village. Seeking to parley with the villagers regarding his lost men, Lord ir’Soras approached the village’s tiny church, only to be struck down by a flurry of crossbow bolts. After his death, a small handful of the remaining members of the company, including the PCs, were able to escape the Mourland and its horrors.

Teneb ir'Soras

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