Sammel Colworn

NCO turned private investigator


A non-comissioned officer in your unit during the war, Sergeant Colworn was among the small band of survivors that managed to escape the Day of Mourning with you. Since then, he has worked as an inquisitive in Sharn.

Minister Caston ir’Soras recently hired Colworn as a private investigator, asking his help in locating a family heirloom thought to have been lost long ago. While the minister took his entourage to the Brelish capital at Wroat, Colworn conducted a thorough search of the ir’Soras estate. When the item was uncovered, the minister returned to take ownership of it, only to be robbed in the night by his own guards. Colworn killed one of the thieves, revealed to be a changeling, but lost his left leg in the process.

Sending his staff home on vacation, Caston tasked the PCs with tracking down the men responsible for maiming their sergeant, while he hired celebrated inquisitive Victor Saint-Demain to retrieve his stolen property.

Sammel Colworn

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