Gillen Boromar

Halfling mob lieutenant


A member of the Boromar family, Gill was raised from childhood to be a part of the criminal organization. Never a particularly capable fighter, he has survived largely on his wits and his family connections. Gill runs his own crew these days, a ragtag group of young halflings more interested in enjoying the benefits of the mob lifestyle than in actually committing crimes.

With the war between the Boromar Clan and Daask heating up lately, Gill has increasingly found himself the target of attacks. As he and a few of his crew made their way home recently, they were ambushed by a Daask hit squad. If not for the timely intervention of the PCs, all three would have likely been killed there in the streets. Before he and his men left the scene to avoid the Sharn Watch, he acknowledged that he owed his life to the PCs, and promised to repay the debt.

Gill and the PCs next crossed paths at an inn in Tumbledown district, beneath which lay a dreamlily processing lab. The PCs intended to question the lab’s foreman, a gnoll named Fang, while Gill and his men came to shut the Daask-funded operation down. After providing the PCs with disguises, he and his crew waited outside for the party to open the gate. Once the gate was open, they immediately ransacked the workshop, dispatching the automated workers, stealing the product, and leaving the PCs to decide Fang’s fate.

Gillen Boromar

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