City of Towers, City of Knives

Session #3

Arriving at Sergeant Colworn‘s home/office, Oakbridge Investigations, the PCs made themselves at home for a moment before discovering the inquisitive himself snoozing in his desk chair. As they attempted to make themselves comfortable and rest, the PCs were surprised by an urgent knock at the door. When they opened the door, a pair of ragged halflings rushed in. The first, dressed in a black cloak, was revealed as Rasp, Gill’s lieutenant; the other identified himself as Tagger Reslin, a member of the Healers’ Guild called up in the middle of the night to help the PCs. The halflings’ arrival also revealed the fact that Daask was in the process of surrounding the building, preparing to attack. With Rasp, Tagger, and Colworn helping, the PCs were able to hold off waves of gnoll, human, and half-orc attackers, as well as their ogre champion.

By the time the Daask goons were defeated, the local Watch garrison had responded to the brawl, blocking the streets while they waited to arrest whomever was left standing. Believing the PCs to be cop-killers, the policemen outside were eager to restrain and brutalize them. The intervention of a captain from the King’s Citadel held the Watch back for a few moments, as he approached the building to parley with the PCs. Introducing himself as Captain Benethan Talaran, the officer listened to the PCs’ account of events, assuring them that the matter of the corrupt Watchmen in Precarious would be swiftly resolved by the Citadel. He was unable, however, to order the Watch to stand down, and came up with another plan to keep the PCs alive, if they would agree to trust him. Once he had their consent to trust him, Ben loudly and publicly arrested the party, consigning them to the Citadel prison, where they would spend the next few days. Within two days, the leadership of the corrupt Cliffside garrison had been exposed and arrested, and the PCs, no longer wanted for murder, were quietly released from the Citadel.

After their release, the PCs were greeted by Colworn, who announced his intention to retire to the country, and gave the PCs the title to his office space as a reward for their work.



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