City of Towers, City of Knives

Session #2

Warehouse rumble

Reaching the warehouse, the PCs met up with Victor Saint-Demain, who had followed his own investigation to the same end. With the warehouse being watched by neighborhood teens, the party agreed to have Victor intercept the sentries while they assaulted the warehouse itself. Inside, the PCs faced a pack of trained guard dogs and a pair of heavily-armed crossbowmen before reaching the office, where they recovered the minister’s lost property – a very old locked tome. At this point, Victor returned from outside with the news that the lookouts had run to warn the Sharn Watch, not Daask – checking the bodies of the crossbowmen revealed that they were carrying Watch badges. With the whistles of the Watch audible in the distance, the party fled the scene to lay low at Sergeant Colworn‘s office, while Victor left to contact an ally at the King’s Citadel.



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